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I'm sure we all saw this coming

I'm officially closing st_xi_kink.

Not due to any recent problems, arguments, discussions or wank, may I add. Pure and simple: I'm back at school, and this year is one hell of a tough one. It's just... after one month, I simply cannot keep up with this comm. Many of you have probably noticed that, I'm sure. And I will, regrettably, not be taking requests to take it over. I don't know people well enough within STXI fandom to make an accurate judgement as to who might make a suitable choice; and first come, first serve has been attempted and has failed many times before. I don't think I could ever risk that happening to this community, selfish as that may be. I thought long and hard about this: simple closure is simply the way this is going to have to go, as sad as it may seem.

The current post will remain open, as will all others. But no new ones will be posted, and I want to emphasize this: I am stepping down as moderator. The post will be unmoderated. So please, it is at your own risk. I just cannot emphasise that enough.

This has been the single most incredible fandom activity I've ever run, guys. I tend to be very retiring within fandom, so to see so many people be just incredibly enthusiastic about a film I really adore has been just- wow! Amazing. Thank you all so, so much for allowing me the opportunity- and privelege- of modding for you all. I'm heartbroken to leave it, truly. This started out as a I'd-like-to-get-some-fic-from-a-new-fandom thing. I was never expecting beyond a thousand comments, especially not considering that when I started it up, the fanfic communities already established weren't exactly getting much traffic themselves.

You guys are insane like that. <3

(Also, whoever the hell wrote me the amazing biblical passages, can I just say that I have never laughed so hard in my life. Oh, and same for everyone who did the Vulcan pickup lines. Actually, I'll stop, because this meme made me laugh a lot.)

Bon voyage, guys. Ad Astra per aspera and all that. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. ...OK actually I cannot think of a single innuendo, help me out here.

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