Star Trek Anon Meme Mod (st_anon) wrote in st_xi_kink,
Star Trek Anon Meme Mod

OK, so.

I gave up on replying in the other threads last post; there was some quite long discussion going on, and I was a little unsure of who should be replied to.

Let me make this very, very clear. I had taken for granted we all assumed this waaay back at the start of the meme, when I was unprepared for the size of this thing, and apparantly we didn't. Fair enough. Ten, twenty, fifty people assuming? Reasonable. But goodness knows how many people are here now.

So to put it bluntly.

Repeatedly post offensive shit when logged in and I will ban your account.

Posting offensive shit? Not OK.

I don't care that kink memes 'aren't politically correct!'.

There is a difference between a kink and showing your actual real life racism/sexism/whatever.

If there's a problem specific to this meme- like, say, treatment of Uhura- use some damn common sense and think that hey, whether *you* feel it's fair or not, it's a touchy subject for people and maybe you should consider your prompts about her character differently than other characters.

On another note, what counts as 'discussion'.

Discussion of prompts: when you're saying, 'do you mind if as well as A/B, there's D/C?', or 'hey, you said A did this, but it was actually B', or 'actually, in TOS, it was ____, not ____'. Short stuff needed for the writer/requester, or maybe people discussing their reasons for 'seconding', etc.

Discussion: when you're in a debate that has little to no bearing on what info you would need to theoretically write a prompt, but rather, is an in depth discussion sparked off by the prompt/a comment/etc, that's more along these lines.

Obviously this is a little arbitrary, vague, etc. But it's difficult to show a specific line where it's one or another.


If anyone has any more questions, please please please feel free to PM me, comment here anonymously, anything.

And to top this off: my entry last night was rushed and poorly thought out. I apologise for how I worded it, how I posted it when I should have waited until I had a moment to consider that I sounded like a complete damn moron, and how I have, in fact, acted rather like a moron over this matter at times. Doesn't excuse them; but I am sorry.
Tags: info, mod, rules
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