Star Trek Anon Meme Mod (st_anon) wrote in st_xi_kink,
Star Trek Anon Meme Mod

Apologies and a new request

I have been slightly scarce recently, for which I'd like to apologise profusely.

School's started up recently and to put it very mildly, it's been a bit hectic. As a result, I again have to say sorry to you all: for a week or so I will remain scarce.

I'll be around for the basics; new posts as needed, modding any disputes that may arise, etc. but if something is non essential, I'd really appreciate if you could hold onto it for a little while and contact me later on, when I have a bit more time.


On an unrelated note: people who repeatedly engage others in arguments etc. on the meme while logged in- ESPECIALLY if you pull the 'anonymous equals coward! stand up if you believe in your opinion!' card (considering this is an anon meme and the usual reason for said anon-ing is related more to 'whoopsie, KINK meme!')- will have their account banned. If anyone sees people repeatedly do this, I would really appreciate a couple of links PM'd to me- it can be hard to keep track of an entire meme, and you guys have been wonderful about alerting me to things before.

Oh, and to the people who engage others repeatedly, then PM me to report the other side? Please remember the rule is not 'no insulting/arguing/'incorrect' discussion of such things'. It's 'no discussion of such things, period'. So please, think before you post. I know many of you have good reasons for jumping in, and I know it can be really hard to walk away at something upsetting or offensive; but it just makes life so much easier for everyone if you can do so.

Thanks, guys. ♥ You guys are all stars.

ETA: Please see this post for clarification on the issue of people posting offensive prompts, discussion, and banning.
Tags: info, mod, rules
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