Star Trek Anon Meme Mod (st_anon) wrote in st_xi_kink,
Star Trek Anon Meme Mod

In regards to roleplay on the meme

OK, so.

I'm sure you're all 'NOOO she's gonna ban it for space! D:' at that subject line XD;; I'm not because it is space well used. (Srsly I love the roleplaying, as an RPer myself)


♥ if you're just RPing random stuff, having characters discuss the prompt etc. please use a subject line of something like:

'RP - Unfilled'

♥ If you're RPing some sort of fill type thing, please use the subject line of:

'RP - Filled'

This alerts people to the fact that it hasn't been filled filled in prose style and they still have a shot at doing it themselves, and tells people who don't want RP how to avoid it.

Thanks guys! ♥

(Ohh and if it starts to go offtopic for pages and pages, like not the characters being 'on' or discussing the kink meme at all, please consider taking it to journals and just leaving a link for those who wanna follow? Just in case anyone starts something EPIC and uncontrollable. :D)

Tags: info, rules

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