August 5th, 2009

For future reference.

OK, just for the record:

I reserve the right to freeze (or if absolutely necessary, delete) threads if a prompt seems deliberately inflammatory (e.g. if, say, someone posts a thread about Uhura being 'uppity' or 'bitchy' after everyone is well aware that there has been hellish amounts of wank about that recently), offensive, etc.

This meme may be a public forum, but it's privately run. So as a result, as the mod, I will be making the final call on such issues. Not to say that I don't take input from others, but it's me that will make a finishing judgement, so to speak.

If you feel that a meme started and maintained by an individual should not be defined by said individual, but rather, by the people using it, this is not the meme for you.

This will not be changing. Ever.

Thanks guys.

(P.S. if you really don't understand that what you say/do and what you are are different and will be judged independantly of one another, this may help. I've linked it before. But it's really brilliant, so.

Seriously guys I am THIS CLOSE to just opening an unmoderated discussion/wank meme for you to all battle this out away from the damn kink. Hideous? Yes, but at least it would keep such things off the kink meme.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch children's cartoons to calm down. Whee, giant robots!


Now I want a Transformers/Star Trek crossover.