July 19th, 2009

A refresher:

Nobody joins st_xi_kink except this mod account. Please don't PM me asking to join. (Also, please note that it does not say to do so in the profile, please stop trying to tell me it does. Also, please read the rules in the main post before PMing me.)

You don't need to join to comment and you comment to the original prompt to post your fill. If you wish you may post the fill in your personal or sockpuppet journal and comment with the link. It's just easier for us to keep track that way! :)

I've been getting these a lot recently, PMwise.

Also! If you PM me, please have the option that allows other users to PM you turned on. Especially if you have no public posts I can comment on as an alternative. A lot of people PMing with the above request have it turned off and probably think we're elitest snobs ^^;

And one more thing: I do not currently have my laptop. As a result I am using my parent's PC. This is JUST as awkward as you'd expect given the fact that I run a huge outlet for written porn about a series they love. So I am only checking here when I am PMed, and once a day very quickly to check the comments to the main post.