June 14th, 2009

Just popping in for a quick note;

I am indeed behind again in archiving filled requests, I am so sorry guys D:

I don't even have an excuse this time! Exams are over now, as is school. I'm just tired, and a bit 'oh, god, I cannot face 200 pages of archiving tonight'. Which is a poor excuse and should not exist!

I'm mostly popping this up to say that while it will indeed start updating tomorrow again, it will be very much behind for maybe a week?

Oooh, this post's getting pretty self indulgent and all, isn't it? I don't mean it to be! :P

OH YEAH, and I'll be putting a fanart post up soon, I hope. Maybe wait 'til I'm caught up. And reformatting the main posts so they aren't ugly is up there on the agenda too!

ETA: Aww, thanks for all the support guys. <3 yes, behind still, not quite on target as such, promise this will be fixed once my inability to stay awake is fixed.