May 11th, 2009

Hey guys!

First off: WOW. Fic already! So many requests! Glad to see everyone having fun ;)

Now. Concerning the filled/unfilled archive... I wasn't... really expecting all this. I'm kind of not going to have time to really update very often X_X

So. I'm going to beg for help! XD

If you see prompt/s (mention if they're filled or not!) not mentioned on the post, if you could please reply to the archive post with them written out in the format used there that would be amazing and I would love you *A* Then I can copy and paste which speeds it up massively.

The format:

Prompt c/p'd here - link written out here
*Put a blank line between each one*
Prompt c/p'd here - link written out here

Thanks, guys! <3

The response has been wonderful. It makes me sooo happy the new fandom is all shiny and happy. :) As you can see both below and on the main post we finally have a solution I'm working on. Lol, took me long enough I know XD; Anyway, thankee!