Star Trek Anon Meme Mod (st_anon) wrote in st_xi_kink,
Star Trek Anon Meme Mod

'Sup :D

OK so I've been getting a lot of PMs/Comments about this and I think it needs clarifying:

The community is not joinable; you just start commenting in the main post, as linked in the profile. You do not post entries, you post comments, which do not require joining. If you wish to have entries show up on your f-list, please watch the community. Membership is closed.

Thanks, guys. :)

PS. You guys all did awesome on the friending meme, hell yeah you did /o/ ♥

PPS. Also, we're within reach of the 10k comment limit now. Shall I stop new requests at 9000 comments (so there's still room for people to post fills to the original post), later, or earlier? 1000 comments seems a lot I know, but there also needs to be room for feedback, and better safe than sorry...

Anyway there'll be a second post up, and linked in the original post and profile. (And the archiving will probably be on the same system, but won't be updated very frequently for the original, closed post. Without people linking me by posting in the archive post- thanks for that btw, guys!- I don't think the original will get updated anymore).
Tags: info, mod
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