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Regarding Delicious

Hey all. It's been a while, I know.

As some of you are no doubt aware (since, well, you PMed me, haha- thank you for that, by the way) Delicious is apparently being shut down. At the moment, we're not sure when the actual closing down is likely to happen, but I'm going to put my bets on it being fairly soon, alas. Obviously, this poses a problem with regards to the fact that the archives of filled and unfilled fic are currently hosted there.

I'm going to export all the current filled Delicious bookmarks onto a couple of Diigo accounts ASAP just to make sure they're backed up. I have the .htm files now- the accounts should be up themselves by the end of tomorrow (GMT, for the record, so my tomorrow may not be your tomorrow...)

I do not have the password for the unfilled account to my knowledge- as far as I remember I was never directly involved in that side. Anyone who does have it, could you please drop me a line? This is what I get for changing computers in the last year, heh.

I'll sort it out more thoroughly soon (for a start I'll share the account with anyone still archiving), but yeah, no worries, I promise the archives aren't just going to disappear.

Thanks for your time guys. Now I kind of have to get off to bed, but if anyone has any questions I can try and get to them tomorrow.

ETA: OK, strike that; Diigo is so overloaded right now that transfers are going INCREDIBLY slowly. I'm going to give it another few days before I make the backup, possibly. Don't worry though, the .htm file is there.

Also, apparently Delicious might not be closing so much as being sold/sent to somewhere else/whatever. On the other hand, this might end up falling through, so I'm still going to set up a back-up account just in case it all goes to hell. See here.
Tags: archiving, mod

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